Content Management System

Content management system (CMS) is an online file management used to organize and facilitate digital content creation such as picture, image, text etc. A content management system is a software system that keeps record of documents and files for you easily where you can retrieve or even upload as and when you like it. Track records of near 300 clients based, V Channel has developed its own content management system for clients. Contradictory to other web designers who use open source CMS such as Joomla, Wordpress or Drupla, we develop our own in-house CMS because of strong value proposition of built-in search engine design functions. It also serves better security and control of the design, content and search for the online marketing campaign

Some features available with our content management system include:

  • Change update and format all text, including font type, size, color, paragraphing and alignment
  • Complete file manager allowing you to insert and remove contents such as text, picture, image easily.
  • SEO friendly meta-tags are all ready available.
  • On-site and off-site linking functionality providing the ability to create links to other website's as well as links to other pages within your own website.
  • Close source code for V Channel CMS clients to warrant higher security
  • Excellent stable CMS system as it does not require users to upgrade any version.
  • No software required to download or install
  • No special training required, although we provide 30 minute manuveur training for using our CMS

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