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  • How You Can Adpot Online Marketing Strategies (B2B)

In modern times, traditional methods of marketing will only get you so far. The Internet is where everything is happening, and happening right now. If you're looking to build and showcase your businesses' reputation ahead of your competitors, digital is where it's all at. Keen to hear more? Read on.

Online Marketing Strategies for B2B business – A New Trend?

Gone are the days of endless brochures and flyers – B2B businesses in Singapore are beginning to turn to online marketing strategies, and it's about time. Today, having a strong online presence is likely to be the fastest and most efficient way to generate traffic and pull in an audience for your B2B website.

Benefits of B2B Online Marketing Strategies in Singapore

You're convinced that digital is your best bet. But why?

Firstly, having your business go digital is highly effective – this means that you're already establishing your presence online. You've secured a (hopefully prime) position in Google search, and this automatically makes you easily available and instantly accessible to...well, anyone who uses the internet. That's a whole lot of people.

Secondly, going digital presents a host of opportunities. While a traditional medium such as print is pretty restrictive, digital platforms have the luxury of reaching a wide range of public segments.

Try it for yourself: just think of the differences in audiences for  smartphone apps, informative websites, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and dynamic platforms such as YouTube.

A frequent reader of the New York Times, for example, probably does not spend much time on Pinterest. In this way, having a strategic online marketing plan opens up the possibility of building and pitching your brand to a huge audience.

Effective Planning for Online Marketing Strategies

As with all marketing efforts, your game plan for online must be effective and strategically sound. Here's a quick overview of the types of online marketing strategies you'd be looking at running a B2B businesses in Singapore:

i.     Owned Media (SEO, Blog, Whitepaper, Videos etc)

ii.     Paid Media (SEM, Paid Advertising)

iii.   Content Curation (Social Media, Reviews etc)

Stay tuned! We'll be going into more detail regarding the types of online marketing strategies for B2B businesses in the next article.

Take Away:

• Online marketing is the new priority for B2B businesses in Singapore

• Online marketing activities have the advantage of greater reach and ease of execution

• Plan strategically and effectively for your online marketing activities