What is Online Leads Generation?

Online Leads Generation is a result of getting an online user to perform an action such as registration, signup, purchase, or to enquire about a particular services or products.

Why Online Leads Generations Is Important?

Online Lead Generation services is considered by one of the most important online marketing services by many businesses today. This is because all online marketing campaign needs to be measure and measuring the number of leads within a campaign is a good indicator of how effective a marketing campaign being execute.

Thus, there is an end results for businesses to measure their marketing campaign and to further optimize the marketing campaign if necessary, just to improve the number of leads.

 Online Leads Generation Methods:

At the end, Online Lead generation services is the end result of online marketing process, and there are various ways of getting a lead.

Online Leads Generation Services can be categorized into 2 categories:

1.Paid media such as Adwords, SEO, Social Media Advertising, and Programmatic Buying.
2. Organic: SEO, Social Media via organic method.

Social Media can be a great platform for online leads generation as social media is reaching out to a wide audience including businesses.

Search Engine such as Google will convert searchers in to web visitors and ultimately convert them in to a lead. However, this need to be mapped out in a process to successfully convert searchers into a lead.

For a successful lead generation campaign to be execute, we assist our client to find out the following:

1. Measurements and KPIs:
- We will be finding out what are the results client want to achieve for lead generation.
2. Leads Generation Campaign Period or Duration:
- The duration of lead generation campaign.
3. Lead Quality:
- What is consider a good lead to client?
4. Analyzing of Current Marketing Activities:
- We will be analyzing what are the results of the current marketing activities; and which current method is effective and which need to be optimize further for businesses.
5. Propose of Lead Generations Roadmap:
- After analyzing and research, we will being to map out the process of various online marketing methods which will lead to leads generation for clients.
6. Reporting:
- Our report consist of which online channel does a lead being generated, how many leads we have acquire for businesses so far and what are the next recommended action steps to be improve on.

We have achieve great results with more than 300 businesses on lead generation. For more case study, please contact us@ sales@v-channel.com.sg and our account representative will be glad to assist you.

What Is Online Marketing?

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