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Website developers in Singapore focus on the design templates and its refreshing user interface. Contradictory, SEO Website developers focuses on keyword, content development and make these mistakes as such:

  • Not increasing the Traffic or Visitors to the website
  • Not converting the Traffic or Visitors to potential buyers
  • Not monitoring, analyzing the behavioral results to the Website

We believe search marketing is the fundamental key to unlock a website to be known on internet. Search has already been widely used in many websites, portal, directories and products.A website serves to inform, guide the browsers on your company charter, business and thus confidence so as to be easy to do business with.

We believe clients’ website must be searched, in our perspectives, with the combination of the following.

  1. Structural approach to convert your website visitors to your buyers
  2. Scientific ways to drive more than 1,000 online visitors monthly to your website
  3. Performance Tracking & Monitoring Tools, including SEO online to double our clients’ sales and revenue across all types of industries in Singapore and for abroad
  4. Affiliate marketing in the targeted segments

Message is “We believe website is to be searched. It must be informative & educational."

SEO Services in Singapore Explained

There are several online marketing channels. Out of which, two prominently known

Adword Advertisement :

Google offers their “pay per click” marketing campaigns very target audience for clients. Their website listing could be found on the Google search page results, reflecting in yellow box on the top and online appearance at the right side bar.

Organic search:

Companies who want to be listed on the Google search page results must have their website design, structure, content follow the Google guidelines. This is where we offer our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, in short SEO in a package of Content Management System.

How Can V Channel Help For SEO Services in Singapore?

Case Study #1: A Property Developer in Singapore


They engaged a Singapore SEO company to rank their website but after a year, there is no ranking results. Worst still, the SEO agent did not ever update with the progression of ranking, works and plans. The SEO company they engaged with was unreachable and out of contact after a year.

Our Solution:

When V Channel was first introduced to this prestigious property developer in Singapore for SEO service, they had already first of very experience in the SEO. They have set very challenging objectives and they have also very clear partner selection criteria. We took uphill tasks and the challenge to beat competitors and later become choice partner in their online marketing. We identified clear problem areas; define action plans; strive to achieve the agreed objectives. The targets should be measurable. We are please to be able to deliver our promise, and results within first month of SEO launch. We follow up with the clients and there comes quality leads from Google search. We exceed their expectation in keywords selection and search optimization.

Case Study #2: KSL Hotel


KSL Hotel has been optimizing their website using in-house IT personnel and even outsource to SEO company to rank their website. However, the results are not what they desire after 6-8 months.

Our Solution:

When V Channel visited KSL Hotel in JB, we advise them how Google rank and optimize a website and how we could help them to improve the ranking to first page. This hotel had previously engaged a Singapore SEO company to help them with their rankings but in vain. Keywords search for hotels are very highly competitive and we outperform competitors to achieve and manage page one ranking in 2 months time. We are please to share our findings in many use cases in our preview session. Our customer increases the number of closed deals through better use of their customer data online. They can find out what’s likely to happen in any sales opportunity simply by moving a mouse cursor over it, and then decide, based on the results, exactly what to do next.

SEO is the new highly profitable technique in acquiring new leads and sales in today's business

If you are wondering now if you should start to build your list of customers using your website, we will be glad to share our experience with you from our expertise. By engaging a SEO Services Singapore consultant such as V Channel with a clear internet marketing strategy for your business, you can see your business double twice as much as before. We drive online visitors to your website from few hundreds to thousands visitors and we covert them in to your buyers. V channel help our clients to analyze and measure the impact and return on investment (ROI) of your current online marketing strategy and ensure that they are fulfilling your expectations.


"This is the first time we are trying Internet Marketing on top of conventional way of marketing. The result is fast and amazing when we see ourselves in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines! Thanks to V Channel for opening our eyes to the benefit of Search Engine Optimization. If you wish to head the rest in your industry, choose V Channel!". BSC Building Surveyors "I feel safe to pass my website and search engine optimization campaign to V Channel just because of only reason – the result is amazing! I ask my staff to keep checking my results everyday and we really found ourselves consistently at the prominent ranking in Google." Megafold Corporation "What I really like and impressed with V Channel is their efficiency and punctuality. I always have problem with punctuality of IT vendor. As a Japanese company, efficiency, punctuality and deliverable is very important. I have all my problems solved within a period out of my expectation. I definitely will give V Channel a thumb up." Unionsangyo "I am quite please with the SEO results. It is page one ranking on google search when I search the keywords in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia." KSL Resorts

What Is Online Marketing?

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