It is an ongoing process for websites if client wishes to maintain their high organic rankings on search engines. When our client’s site finally gets high ranking for important keywords of the business, we guarantee that they will be remained at favorable positions with our persistent SEO maintenance. Maintenance needs be done for specific keywords that achieved high rankings on search engines. Businesses with important keywords ranking on organic listings simply cannot afford to lose their positions as it will mean a decrease in traffic, leads and sales. SEO results take time and it is also true with SEO maintenance. In some instances, search engines update and will drop a website off from its listings entirely. Client will see a drastic drop in the ranking for some of the keyword. Do allow us to rank your website with a buffer period of 3 to 4 weeks to work things out before you deduce its efficiency and capability. During SEO maintenance, we do not just maintain the keywords around the same positions, we also work on improving the initial ranking of the keywords. We will evaluate whether any tweaking needed be done and other necessary SEO processes.


There are 2 parts, first being the update of the proprietary in house software algorithm to adapt to the change of the search engines, second being the site related update. Below are some of the maintenance works for SEO with clients:

  1. Review SEO keywords. We might suggest review of keywords and optimize more relevant keywords if the conversions are low from SEO.
  2. Change meta tags. We may suggest clients to change the tags for every optimized page if there is a drastic drop in the SEO ranking.
  3. Create contents. Add fresh and keyword-rich content to maintain the favorable SEO ranking.
  4. Build the links. It is a process that must not be stopped. Consistent link building is needed to maintain favorable SEO rankings.

We make timely and proper SEO maintenance to remain the clients’ positions for years to come. SEO is a process, and not a one-time effort.

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