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Social media marketing services in Singapore have become more and more popular within local businesses. This is because of the growing consumer base and the "growing" adult in the era of social media influence. Social Media Marketing itself have establish as a place of engaging,communicating and conversing with it's online community for many companies and for most, it is a PR platform that is easily reachable with just a click away. Brands have been continuously using socai media platform just to hear the voices in the digital age.

Social Media Marketing helps brands to define:

  1. Brand Affirmation
  2. Brand Awareness
  3. Brand Advertsing
  4. Brand Identity
  5. Brand Values
  6. Brand Engagement

A specific roadmap for social media planning and strategy are needed to be be craft in a way that each individual brand's associate it's brand values and communicate this unique message out to its community through brand advertsing, to establish brand awareness and brand engagement in social media. We always believe every single brands has the ability and opportunity to express its values in a way that their brand community in social media platform recoginse and trust them.

V Channel Social Media Marketing Services Provides:

  1. Social Media Monthly Management
  2. Social Media Campaign
  3. Social Media Advertsing
  4. Social Media Analytics Reports
  5. Social Media Roadmap Proposal for Brands & Company

#1: Dedicated Social Media Manager to Your Account

Each client's will be assigned a dedicated social media manager to develop your strategy and execute it. Our social media manager is screen through by our top management to ensure that he/she knows our client business well and be your primary contact.

#2: Develop an Online Social Media Strategy that is Tailored to Your Objectives and Goals

The first step we will take is to understand you brand story, corporate values, product information or services, and perform a internal research and develop a tailored strategy to meet your objectives and goals. A competitive analysis will be carried out, which include target audience and market, buyer or advocate persona.

#3: Develop Creatives with Content Calendars

Once client agree on the strategy proposal, execution will be carry out. We will develop social media content and advertisements unique to your brand. Our content can be prepared in a weekly or monthly in our content calendar. Client will get to review and approve the content before we post out the content.

#4: Optimization and Daily Maintenance

We optimize each campaign where it is the most optimal for us to reach your objectives and goals. We monitor the daily performance of the campaign where we deliver the end results.

#5: Reporting and Communication

We send a reportly based on weekly or monthly, depend on the scale of the campaign and the metrics we are measuring. Our report consists of data which we had collected and the next course of actions we will be execution based on past data analysis.

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